Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Next Part - Yoke Circle 13

The motifs in this yoke by Phyllis Sparks are somewhat arbitrarily numbered.  The piece in the previous post is "Yoke Section 11" and this one is "Yoke Circle 13."

The first motif for the yoke went smoothly.  This section did  not. I think it took me 5 tries to get it right.  First it was not laying flat at Round 3, and once I got past that, it was again cupping at Round 5.  Keep in mind that the bare thread spaces for this pattern need to be very short.  I seem to have some trouble with that concept.  Once I figured it out, I got the other side done in just one try.  

If you contemplate working this yoke, be advised that the patterns are diagrammed with some text comments.  Most of the joins are not described, so you have to consult the photos very carefully to see where to join.  Also, it up to you to make the second side a mirror image of the first, especially critical in this piece, with the way the rings are thrown off on the last round.  Just commenting, not complaining.  I'm still enjoying the challenge.


  1. Beautiful effect - dense and airy at the same time ! Glad you worked it out :-)

  2. You have done a wonderful job as always, your work and talent are fantastic, it is always a fun but exhausting trail to keep having to refer to a pictures an hope for the best. you make every pattern look good :)