Monday, November 25, 2013

Quilt Block and Antique Pattern Library

Here is my last Palmetto Quilt Block (unless I get some more from Georgia).  Here are the pattern sources:  The pink flower on the left is another from Jan Stawasz's Tatted Treasures.  The large medallion with rick-rack is a vintage pattern from the February 1927 edition of Needlecraft magagzine.  I got the pattern from Georgia's site here.  The small white rick-rack flower is from the book Vintage Tatting & Crochet Book 1, edited by Barbara Foster of Handy Hands.   The larger white flower I just whipped up to fit in.

You've probably gathered by now that I love vintage patterns.  One of the best sources, besides Georgia's Tatting Archive, is the Antique Pattern Library.  Clicking on their name there will take you to their home page and you can branch out to see patterns for embroidery, knitting, crochet and lots more crafts. Or click here for a list of their tatting publications.  I have downloaded quite a few of them.  You will see many that say "to scan" or "to edit" and those are in progress and coming soon.  My mouth is watering over some of those.  They have a Yahoo Group too.  The Library is run by a non-profit organization and they could use your help.  Here is a recent message from them: 

"Our finances are not in perfect health, to say the least, but thanks to the recent upswing in donations, we're improving a bit, THANK YOU! To keep our non-profit status, we need not just money, we need money from the public. The way it was explained to me, one third of our income has to be from small donations. So even if someone donates a million dollars, this will not save our non-profit status.

Therefore, we have agreed on the following:

*** ANY (small, less than 200 USD) financial donation you, anyone,
*** sends to New Media Arts either by Paypal, cheque, or whatever
*** to support the Antique Pattern Library or another project
*** will be matched TWICE by our board members
*** (until we are broke, of course)."

A two-for-one match makes even a small contribution like mine significant. Please consider helping them out so they can continue to provide this fine service for all us needlecrafters.


  1. I too enjoy the Antique Pattern library and will donate, thanks for posting the information, I did not know this! :)