Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Quilts & Flowers

Georgia is organizing another fundraising quilt (or two!) for next year's Palmetto event.  At this year's convention, she handed out quilt blocks to be decorated and sent back to her.  She may still have some blocks left, you can ask her.

I adopted a problem block where one wedge of fabric did not extent all the way to the edge.  I solved that by sewing ribbon over the gap. I added another stripe of ribbon and a ribbon flower to tie the look together.

You may have seen on other blogs, such as Tatting Fool's, that Jan Stawasz's Tatted Treasures includes lots of flowers.  I used those for the 2 white flowers and the rose colored one, so I'm counting those toward my 25 motif challenge, when I get around to counting them up.  The pink edging from the left came from a book, but I can't remember which one, sigh.  The rose and green trellis-y bit came from a pattern from her new book that Rosella Linden shared with the On-line Class.

Coming soon, I found the doily I lost, so you'll see that once I've got it blocked, some more quilt squares, and a knitted shawl from yarn I hand spun with roving I got from Karey.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful what fun I have square I made up years ago and never put them together, I sometime use them on my blog as background for my tatting. This makes me want to get round to it.

  2. Beautiful block for the quilt.

  3. Quilt squares and tatting go beautifully together, and I love the way you have used the motifs on this piece!

  4. Great work on the quilt block! It looks really wonderful.