Monday, August 17, 2015

Getting Ready

For a while, I've had this vague forboding feeling that Palmetto TatDays was coming up soon and I wasn't ready.  And then one day I woke up with a new feeling: it was time to get ready.  I did the usual, making lists of things to do and things to pack.  I started a shopping bag to throw in the things that have to come.

It's a good thing I read over the Palmetto web page about things to bring.  I might have forgotten my lanyard! It took a bit of looking till I found it.  Suddenly, I'm tired of my old lanyard, but no time to make one now.  I've signed up for Karey's necklace class - maybe that can become a new lanyard.

Lanyard - in the bag
Karey's class - beads threaded and shuttles wound - bag
Picot gauges to hand out in class - bag
Find the samples of all the class projects I'm teaching - well, I've seen them recently
List of all the Lizbeth colors I already have - gotta do that
Find the left over pack of price stickers for the new book - found, do I have enough?
Find something for the White Elephant Game - bag
Something for the Silent Auction - bag
Something for the Free Stuff table - bag
Something for the display table - hmmm, with all the designing, I didn't actually make very much this year.  Maybe I'll get my doily finished.  Oh, I should have my pincushion back by then.  Some of you wanted a bigger picture of it.  Here's one I took before sending it off.


  1. Thank you for the picture. It's really really pretty. I'm doing much the same with preparations for my trip to Canada too.

  2. Thanks for the bigger photo. Your pincushion is splendid! Happy packing.

  3. Very cute idea love it!

  4. I love the pincushion! Good luck with remembering everything to take. I like your system - when you find it put it in the bag :-)

  5. Love it! So glad you'll be getting your sweet pincushion back soon.

    I think the holes in the buttons are a good place to park special pins or needles to help keep track of them - not to mention a great use for buttons!

    I laughed at your statement "well, I've seen them recently." I'm constantly looking for things that were 'always' in a certain place, but aren't there now!

    I can't believe it's time for Palmetto! Wish I could get there, but it's not possible, I admire those of you who teach and do so much work on your classes and presentations! It's all I can do to demonstrate, in a casual way, at our events. Had a really nice time on Aug 8 at a recent event - no stress, and a wonderful free lunch!

  6. I was going to say that your adorable pin cushion is too good to use, that was until I read Kathy's comment. The button holes are certainly a neat idea to place pins etc.
    Good luck with your preparations for Palmetto

  7. I love that pin cushion! I'm so glad you posted a larger picture. Maybe I'll get to meet you at Tat Days next year!

  8. beautiful and inspiring. I get a lot of littles boxes as wedding favours and don't know what to do with them. Thank you for sharing.

  9. I hope you have your pin cushion back for show and tell at Tat Days. Have fun.

  10. I want a pin cushion...I love it and I can see it sitting pretty on my bobbin lace pillow.Gotta have......